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Full Mouth Restoration

Middle Age Woman smiling with arms crossed in front of her  smile  middle age  olderIf you are living with pain in your mouth and unhappy with the current aesthetics of your teeth, you may want to consider a full mouth restoration. At Stamford Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Arts, we specialize in full mouth restoration surgery and can give you back a functional and beautiful smile. We pride ourselves on providing the best solutions to complicated problems, and believe a full mouth restoration can greatly improve your life!

What is a Full Mouth Restoration?

Full mouth restoration is a term used to describe the process of reconstructing and restoring all of your teeth in your upper and lower jaw. Typically, we focus on issues involving restorative, cosmetic, and neuromuscular procedures. This can include some operations to address the complexities of each patient. We have to build a treatment plan that is unique to you. We need to decide on necessary procedures, as well as an optimal timeline. Different procedures require different amounts of time for the healing process. Establishing a timeline can be crucial in minimizing the process. In certain situations, the process can last over a year.

To receive a full mouth restoration, you will need to undergo a comprehensive examination. This helps us determine the condition of your teeth, gum tissue, and temporomandibular joints (jaw). Your dental history will also be reviewed. The information we gather allows us to determine which procedure is optimal and which may be unnecessary.

Your general dentist and Stamford Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Arts will work together to provide some necessary procedures. We can perform Orthognathic surgery to reposition the jaw. We can place permanent restorations such as crowns, veneers, bridges, or fixed full arch dentures. We can use bone or soft tissue grafts to enhance the stability of your teeth and provide the necessary support for dental implants. It all just depends on your circumstance.

Why Undergo a Full Mouth Restoration?

The ultimate goal of a full mouth restoration is to provide a functional and esthetically pleasing smile. We want to help alleviate any pain you may have that is associated with missing or chipped teeth, TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders), chronic headaches, or neck or upper back issues. Many times, a misaligned bite or jaw can cause pain in unwanted places such as your neck or back without you knowing. Full mouth restorations can help to remedy this. Improving aesthetics by fixing chipped, worn, or missing teeth, can also boost your confidence and increase your happiness.

It is important to note that a full mouth restoration should not be considered an elective procedure. Yes, there are cosmetic and aesthetic benefits, but full mouth restorations do much more. Full mouth reconstructive surgery can help eliminate painful conditions and improve your quality of life.

Call Us Today About Full Mouth Restorations

If you are tired of leaving with pain and embarrassed by the current esthetics of teeth, it is time to consider a full mouth restoration. At Stamford Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Arts, we have the necessary experience and expertize to help. Get your life back, call (203) 325-2661, and schedule your consultation visit today!

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